Our Team

Bonnie Landau, principal & creative director

Bonnie brings over two decades of experience in print, Web and user interface design experience to our company. Her unique ability to create designs, as well as translate them into a technical solution, offers our clients a well-versed array of opportunities. In addition, Bonnie has managed small and large project teams of creative individuals and Web engineers, so her experience brings the know-how on how to accomplish a project efficiently, effectively and on time.

Steve Weed, business manager

Steve’s career began with seven years of business-to-business sales after receiving a BA in marketing. He entered the technology field in 1992, supporting databases and the first alternative browser, Netscape. He worked extensively with software development for companies like Mattel, where he headed technical support for Mattel Interactive. Steve’s role is project management, client engagement and administrative. He provides training on Joomla, SEO and social media. His Master’s in Organizational Development and work with entrepreneurs provides valuable insights into marketing and business strategy.

Huy Nguyen, PHP and CSS engineer

Huy heads our template development team. For the last four years, he has rendered technical specs with style. He knows how to dissect a PSD file in ways that provide flexibility as Joomla functionality is implemented. As a result, our clients receive optimal functionality for their budget.

Li Crus, software engineer

LI and his team do the heavy lifting in PHP. Along with the project manager, he reviews project specs to decide the best tactic to implement the needed functionality. He knows many of the Joomla extensions and he also creates custom applications when customizing the standard extensions is not the best approach. As a result, our client’s future development costs are also minimized.